4 Essential Apps For Marketing Your Startup

4 Essential Apps for Marketing Your Startup


In a world of instant sharing and online engagement, an effective online marketing campaign is super important to getting the most out of your company’s potential.

Gone are the days of just placing an ad in the newspaper, or even on Facebook. Effective marketing is all about proactive engagement, staying ahead of trends and showing your customers your value lies in more than just your product.

Thankfully all this doesn’t need to take a crazy amount of your time, if you know where to look to for support. Apps have created convenience and fun in most aspects of our daily lives by now, so naturally they also have you covered for your business marketing needs.

If you know you could up your marketing game a bit, but don’t know where to start, maybe these apps will help put you on the right path.


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Managing your social media channels is a vital part of modern business marketing but it can also be extremely time consuming – HootSuite has come to the rescue.

HootSuite consolidates your various social media profiles into one easy to use platform from which you can post to multiple channels, schedule status updates and access your entire network. Apart from saving your business a huge amount of time, HootSuite also provides in-depth reports so you can tailor your efforts and therefore maximize results.


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An important part of marketing any business is staying on top of the latest news – Flipboard will ensure you never miss a beat.

This stylish app allows you to customize your news feeds to include all of the most relevant industry sources; it then collates all those sources into an easy to read magazine style format. This intuitive platform even allows you to share those all-important stories via your social channels and networks.


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This impressive app is an SEO powerhouse that makes it easy to launch and manage online marketing campaigns. Raven‘s many features include an intuitive dashboard, the ability to monitor online mentions of your business and you can even optimize your content and track the keywords people are using to find you online.

Raven also provides customizable reports so you can be sure what is and isn’t working with your marketing strategies.


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This handy app is stylish, easy to use and whether you are looking to post, copy, follow or set multiple timelines, Tweetbot makes it easy.

Its gestures and contextual menus are not only highly impressive, but they are designed with both swipers and tappers in mind. If Twitter is a core element of your marketing strategy you won’t find a better app with which to power your marketing campaigns than Tweetbot.

Marketing your business effectively is crucial to making the most out of it. Hopefully these apps will help you to maximize your marketing success while being able to focus most of your time on your products or services.

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