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If you can arm yourself with certain information before getting your garment quote, the process will be a lot smoother.  We have been doing this a long time and here is a nice guide into questions you will be asked about your project.

Determining Price:

How many pieces (of the exact same design) do you need?

The quantity of shirts printed with the same logo in the same print area in the same ink color is large price factor.

Apparel styles may be combined for a quantity discount if all of them are getting printed identically. (ie: 24 tees and 24 sweats with exactly the same design achieves a 48 piece price break).  Whereas 24 tees with one logo and 24 sweats with another logo would be 2 different jobs and billed as two different jobs.

Note: Changing fabrics may incur a 15.00 ink change fee – Different inks are used on cotton then on polyester or nylon.

For Screen Printing, 12 is usually the minimum order.  That’s where our Price List starts.  Of course, we will do less than that, but be aware that it takes a certain amount of time and labor to do art, make screens, set up the presses and print the garments and clean everything up.  So bottom line fewer shirts means higher prices.

For orders under a dozen, you may want to consider:  Heat Transfer or Digital Transfers ( these are great processes with long lasting prints).

Screen Printing price breaks occur at 12, 24, 48, 72, 144, 288, 576, 1008 garments and so on.

It is always beneficial to print more to achieve a price break. You are better off ordering a few more now instead of needing a few more later.  It takes the same amount of time to set up a press for 1 or 100.    No one wants to be in the position of needing 2 more shirts and having to pay minimum set up charges.


How fast can I get them? 

Screen Printing: is usually a week to 10 days.  This changes daily though and you should call to see how many people with RUSH JOBS have called before you.  Every day is different.

Laser / Ink Jet Prints: can be 24 hours, if your art is digitally ready and shirts are in stock.

Digital Transfers: can be 48 hours if your art is digitally ready and shirts are in stock.


Does printing on Dark colors cost more?  Yes.  

Printing on dark colors with super opaque color inks requires double printing and an additional spot cure step for an additional fee. – Usually one extra screen charge.

Is there more than one kind of T-Shirt?  Yes.

 There are many companies and many styles of garments.  When ordering the first time, you should stop in to our customer showroom and see all of the possibilities.

Are there different prices for different sizes?  Yes.

Adult sizes 2X, 3X, etc. incur an additional charge.

How many ink colors are being printed? 

Every color, including black, needs separate art, films, screens and set-ups.  This adds to the initial set-up charges and the “per shirt” pricing.

Where on the garment are you printing? 

 Multiple locations being printed (front, back, sleeve). Each location requires art, screens and press set-ups.

What color inks? 

 Special Ink Mixes or Standard colors. Special colors can be done at an additional cost. We stock 24 standard ink colors suited for white and light color garments and 24 super opaque ink colors suited for dark color garments.

What if I want different shirts with different inks? 

Ink Changes within an order will incur a $15.00 additional fee.

What do I need for Artwork? 

If you can provide vector artwork created in a Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator program, with fonts converted to outlines, normally no additional art charges are needed. All Stroke widths should be 4 points minimum at the finished size. Photoshop files need fonts converted to shapes (objects).   Other file formats such as pdfs, eps, PNG and jpgs must be saved at 300 dpi. Remember that jpgs are a copy of the original art, not the actual original. These may require additional work to change to vector and incur an art fee. We can also scan hand done art or rebuild it as needed, with art charges to be determined.

Can you put names on garments? 

 Individual lettered or embroidered names are available and priced separately.

Can you do numbers for teams? 

Individual Numbering for sports teams is available and priced separately.

Can I provide my own garments?

  That’s sort of like going to a restaurant and asking if you can bring your own food, but the short answer is yes… for a minimal service charge.

How big can my image be?

Standard print size is a maximum of 12″ by 13″. Oversize is at 12″ by 15″ and is available at an additional cost.

“All Over” designs are usually done before the garment is made (sewn together), so we can’t do that.

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