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QLA “Ready for graphics” Sidewalk Sign Holder


The QLA (Quick-Load A-Frame) Ready-For-Graphics Curb Sign.  Tip and roll feature.

Product Description

QLA “ready for graphics” Sign Holder

The “R4G” in the part number stands for “Ready for Graphics”.

The QLA-R4G has a slightly curved vertical channel that accepts 24″x36″ x 4mm or 3/16″ substrate or the larger version at  36″ x 48″. Most customers use 4mm corrugated plastic or “coroplast”. The design allows for quick change of the sign panels. The “EZ Lock” prevents vandals from easily removing your sign panel. The curved sign face deflects winds of up to 30+ mph. The stand also has a “Tip ‘n Roll” feature that allows the sign to be moved with no lifting or carrying. This stand isn’t adversely effected by rain.

These Sidewalk sign stands are made from rustproof technopolymers with internal steel supports.

*NOTE: Sign panels are NOT included.

Additional Information

Weight 47 lbs


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