Slate Photo Plaques -Half Oval, 5.85″ x 5.85″


Product Description

SubliSLATE™ Half Oval, 5.85″ x 5.85″ x 3/8″. Smooth machined sublimatable slate makes an exciting photo presentation, comes with black plastic “feet”.

Photo slate rock plaques are stunning when images are applied using dye sublimation imprinting. Every plaque comes with a nice black display stand, except for the clock and the large oval, which have wall mounts. The rocks have natural imperfections that make each plaque unique. The polished slate has been coated with thick polyester based coating that will display your transferred images with outstanding clarity. The plaques are 3/8″ machined sublimation-coated slate, polished natural metamorphic rock, with natural edging.


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