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I don't like morning people or mornings or people
Mess with me you mess with the whole psych ward
This is not the life I ordered
It's fine I'm fine Everything's fine
I Didn't mean to push all your buttons I was looking for mute
If you Don't want a sarcastic answer
Sarcasm is my love language
I'd agree with you but then we'd both be wrong
Don't Stress Meow
Nah I'm Good
Captain of the struggle bus
So Apparently I have an Attitude
That's enough todaying for today
Hot Mess Express
No Your Wrong
I promise im nicer than my face looks
I won't be remembered as a woman who kept her mouth shut
That's a horrible idea what time?
Im not a hot mess
If you met my family you woulds understand
Nope Not today
The answer is Nope
My brain has to many tabs open
Stop Petting My Peeves
I have nothing to wear
I Sweat Because I care
Adult ish
Large Groups No Thanks
It's A Beautiful Day
I Speak Fluent Sarcasm
Classy with a Savage side
Imma Pray for you
It's Way Too Peopley Outside
Your Crazy is Showing
You Smell Like Drama
Sorta Sweet Sorta Savage
Sorry I'm late I did't want to come
Thou shalt not try me
SC Kinda Classy Kinda Hood
Pro in Procrastinate
Mouth doesnt say it
SC May be wrong
Not a control freak
Im not responsible for what
I cant my kids have practice
Everyone was thinking it
this girl runs on caffeine
Keep Talking
Im silently correcting your
I have it all together
I didnt plan on getting out of the car
Cancel my subscription
Overthink this
Caffeine and Chaos
Sunshine mixed with hurricane
Did I roll my eyes
Good heart but
Ill Put You in the trunk...
Thinking of you - Vudu